Listings under Virtualization

  • Docker - Powerful, performs operating-system-level virtualization. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Parallels - Powerful, easy-to-use VM. No free upgrade for each new Mac OS.
  • Vagrant - Tool for building and distributing development environments. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Veertu - The lightest VM on Mac. Responsive, sandboxed & native way to run VM on your Mac. Freeware
  • Virtual Box - Powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product. Freeware
  • VMWare Fusion - Powerful, commercial VM developed by VMware.

Something to know

  • Open-Source Software denotes open source.
  • Freeware denotes free to use.
  • Freeware denotes to App store.