Listings under Collaboration and Team Tools

  • Adium - Free instant messaging application for Mac OS X. Connect to AIM, MSN, SMPP, Yahoo and more. Freeware
  • DingTalk - Free, powerful and professional office tool used by over 5 million enterprises and organizations globally. Freeware
  • Franz - Electron based, multi-protocol wrapper for web-based chat. One application, 23 messenger services. Freeware
  • Gitter - Instant messaging and chat room system for developers as well as GitHub users. Developer friendly with Markdown syntax support.
  • Keybase - Crypto for everyone, not just programmers! Open-Source Software Freeware
  • LimeChat - Open-source IRC client for Mac OS X. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Messenger For Mac - Third-party Facebook messenger for Mac. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Rambox - Messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Riot - Create, share communicate. Chat and call securely. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Signal Desktop - Fast, simple, secure. Privacy that fits in your pocket. Open-Source Software
  • Slack - Awesome tool for team collaboration and communication. Freeware
  • Skype - Cross-platform application that provides video chat and voice call services. Users can exchange images, text, video and any other digital documents.
  • Teambition - Team collaboration tool, including many features like task plan, schedule, file sharing, instant discussion and everything you need when collaborating with other team members. Freeware
  • Telegram - Messaging app with a focus on speed and security.
  • Textual - Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. Open-Source Software
  • WeChat - Official WeChat app for Mac. Freeware App Store
  • WeeChat - The extensible command-line chat client. Freeware
  • WhatsApp Desktop - Available in the Mac App Store, Whatsapp for Desktop. App Store

Something to know

  • Open-Source Software denotes open source.
  • Freeware denotes free to use.
  • Freeware denotes to App store.